Winter Whites

Winter Whites

"Each thread weaves a story of tranquillity, mirroring the purity of freshly fallen snow and the quiet beauty found in the untouched landscapes of our world."

Bernie de Le Cuona

The many hues of white and off white possess a timeless and transformative quality. Its impact extends beyond visual appeal, influencing the atmosphere of a space by creating light, airy, and calming environments.

Nature's poetry is elegantly woven into a symphony of snowy whites and powdery ecrus. At the heart of this ethereal colour story lies Heritage Pearl, a fully reversible Paisley woven from the finest wool and cotton threads. Gracefully redefining the classic Paisley with a contemporary twist, a subtle dance of pattern is rendered in soothing shades reminiscent of crisp winter scenes.

Embracing the spirit of Winter Whites, Shepherd’s Cloth Fleece pays homage to a landscape where sheep roam the high altitudes. Amidst these snowy mountain peaks, Pencil Sketch Cloud emerges, painting a delicate scene with hints of texture. Softening this palette with its gentle, opulent lustre, Old Hollywood evokes the glow of clouds reflecting the low rays of the sun.