Soft Silver

Soft Silver

“Evoking the mist over mountains at dawn or the soft iridescence of the secret interior of a beautiful shell, the subtle shades of Soft Silver create a colour palette that is timeless, sophisticated, and elegant.”

Bernie de Le Cuona

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Deceptively effortless, yet hard to achieve, the skill in creating schemes in this colour story is achieving the perfect balance of contrasting textures and finishes. Combine delicate sheers in complex structures with robust raw linens, fine lustrous linen blends, and sumptuous velvets in shades that are both ethereal and earthy.

The Golden Age collection showcases shimmering silvers. The epitome of this can be seen in the lustrous surface of Old Hollywood and the interplay of light and shade in the innovative mix of yarns of Orchestra. Contrast the glamour of these cloths with textiles that celebrate the perfect imperfection of natural fibres and the craftsmanship of artisans. Phantom, a deconstructed linen sheer is woven, then cut into strips. The strips are then embroidered together to create something truly unique. Vintage Canvas is an iconic de Le Cuona fabric with a painted and washed surface that highlights the natural slubs and structure of the raw linen cloth.

Calming hazy hues of cumulus clouds blend with the soft glow of crystal and marble in this subtle colour palette that explores the fragile beauty of nature.