Rooted in Nature

Rooted in Nature

de Le Cuona’s new campaign explores the very essence of the brand – Rooted in Nature.

It weaves a story of the power and rhythms of nature, the strength and beauty of the body and the raw luxury of the finest natural fabrics.

Bernie de Le Cuona, CEO, and Art Director Damian Foxe first worked together in 2019. Their latest creative collaboration continues a journey that started in 2020 when Bernie invited Principal Dancers of the Royal Ballet to express the beauty of fabric through movement beginning with Edward Watson and With Every Fibre of My Being, followed by Matthew Ball, to create unique advertising campaigns.

‘It was a privilege to express the detail and craftsmanship of the fabrics. That’s what we do as dancers, expose the beauty of the work, the movement, and the stories that they create.’ Edward Watson

Steven McRae, also Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet, now performs in de Le Cuona’s Rooted in Nature.

On the concept behind the shoot, Damian said,

“The connection we have to nature through our bodies, our senses and those materials we surround ourselves with that come from nature continues to be a theme I love to explore. As ballet pushes the dancer to the pinnacle of what is possible to achieve with the human body both physically and artistically, so too does Bernie push the limits of what is possible through human endeavour to create something extraordinary with natural fibres. For this shoot, I wanted to explore the intersection of human senses and artistry with nature and natural materials. We all come from nature and return to nature. The architectural ruins used as the backdrop for this artistic exploration are an analogy for how humans create beauty from natural materials that nature then reclaims. It tells the story of nature’s innate power and rugged beauty. It shows us a way to tread lightly on this earth whilst the dancer shows us how to embrace the beauty of nature and those things we encounter as we pass through.”

Brand Campaign - de Le Cuona

“The earth has its music for those who will listen.”

Reginald Holmes – Poet