New York New York - 200 Lex

New York New York - 200 Lex

We are pleased to announce the opening of our third outpost in the big apple.

The new boutique in the New York Design Centre is an extension of the 200 Lex showroom. What is so exciting is this space highlights the accessories and bespoke interior tailoring services that use the exquisite understated natural fabrics de Le Cuona is renowned for.

200 Lex launched with a designer party and headliner event about the art of restraint when designing collections and interiors. Founder Bernie de Le Cuona, one of the most influential people in British Luxury in conversation with another admirable woman Noemi Bonazzi, NY stylist and movie decorator. Each spoke of the creative processes in their sector, from designing fabric and accessories to designing film sets.

Bernie and Noemi share a passion for textiles. Noemi grew up around fabric. Her family was in the textile business and memories of making silk fabrics for suits worn by the likes Frank Sinatra inspired her theatrical journey. For Bernie, a little linen shop in Brussels started her curiosity about this cloth - the sheer variety of textures, the way each piece felt and took colour differently.

Both agreed that making interiors seem effortless is the result of years of experience and is now intuitive, a feeling. The way Bernie likes to layer fabrics helps to elevate the texture of each one. “For me, it’s about mixing natural textures together rather than having one ‘tah dah’ print. Layers lend a room depth, it’s much more interesting.”

What is also interesting in textiles is ‘good flaws.’ A product with the human touch, made by hand always has soul. The beauty lies in the imperfection.

Asked about the one thing guests should take away, both agreed – don’t follow trends.

Bernie is always ahead of the curve. She began her business by making cushions from fragments of textiles that were novel to the industry. Today de Le Cuona’s accessories play a major role at this famous fabric house.

The edit of cushions and throws is beautifully detailed, distinctive in craftsmanship, and ultimately designed to enrich and finish all styles of interiors.

At 200 Lex, the accessories and bespoke have found a perfect home.