Grounded Green Edit

Grounded Green Edit

“Bring the outside in with a colour palette that evokes feelings of growth, renewal, health, and harmony.” Bernie de Le Cuona 

Spring is finally here, bringing with it brighter days and warmer evenings. It's the perfect time to celebrate Green, a spectrum of colour widely believed to be restful and relaxing, optimistic and hopeful, stable and enduring.  

de Le Cuona's Grounded Green colour story showcases shades of green from the soft hues of sage and celadon, to the earthy tones of olive and moss, and the deep tranquil tones of forest and hunter green. From intricate paisleys to textured bouclés, the hand-picked edit includes a wide range of fabrics that could combine to create a space with character and balance.  

Mix the raw with the refined, the dark with the light. Deep shades of Merino Velvet in Artichoke add a touch of sumptuous glamour, whilst the ribbed structure of Bison in Wilderness and the bouclé of Attenborough Jungle create layers of natural texture. The vibrant greens of Bracken in Fern and Fox in Reed bring a fresh and vital feel. By contrast, the greyed-off shades of Warrior Cloth in Jungle and Seed Linen in Peppercorn create a calming softness in a room.

Green has been found to have a host of positive effects on mood and cognitive activity. It can create a sense of calm, reduce anxiety, enhance problem solving and creativity, and encourage positive thinking when used in interiors. It is therefore unsurprising that more people are choosing to use this fundamental naturally therapeutic colour in schemes both contemporary and modern.  

Grounded Green combines fabrics that are renowned for their durability, versatility, and sustainability. Embrace the new season and bathe in the restorative properties of evergreen. 

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