Firecracker Edit

Firecracker Edit

"In the canvas of design, firecracker reds are the bold strokes that ignite passion, infuse drama, and paint spaces with the vivacity of emotion—a vibrant symphony for those who dare to live colourfully."

Bernie de Le Cuona

Reds, oranges, and golds in their various shades can infuse spaces with powerful fiery energy. The bold nature of these colours represents passion, strength, and intensity. At festive gatherings, the infusion of flaming hues can elevate the vibrancy of the environment, adding a touch of dynamism and excitement. It becomes a visual representation of the energetic spirit that permeates festivities, leaving a lasting impression and contributing to the atmosphere of joy and celebration.

In this curated palette, blazing brights combine to dramatic effect. de Le Cuona's rich velvets in shades of Fire Opal, Flamenco, and Pumpkin are paired with the swirling patterns of Dragonfly Fire and Antique Paisley Burgundy. These classic Paisleys strikingly juxtapose the plushness of the velvets creating an expressive and voluminous scheme. For a touch of lustre and luminosity add Old Hollywood - Flame, or for depth and texture contrast with Pure Equator - Wildfire, a 100% organic linen.

For those with an affinity for intense colours, consider drawing inspiration from the vibrant South African sunset. Each evening the sky is painted with rich hues of orange and red. As the sun descends, the landscape becomes a canvas of warmth, displaying vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples that cast a golden glow. The breathtaking scene, complete with the dramatic silhouettes of acacia trees, or mountain peaks highlights the vivid and compelling palette of orange and red tones. This natural masterpiece serves as a compelling muse for intense and inviting colour schemes.

By contrast, fiery hues can be mixed with muted shades of Terra Rossa, earth browns, and warm neutrals for a richly comforting interior - A nurturing space to retreat to during cold winter months.