Desert Sand Edit

Desert Sand Edit

Indulge in the sun-soaked Desert Sand palette. Combining deep tones of sand and soft creams to create the perfect desert paradise. 

    “Whether we encounter these colours on sandy beaches or desert dunes their presence provides a connection to the wonders of nature and invites us to find solace in their peaceful embrace. The soft, earthy tones of these warm hues blend effortlessly with the crisp, clean qualities of white, evoking a sense of purity, balance, and the tranquillity of the natural world.” 
Bernie de Le Cuona   
Embodying the essence of relaxation, calmness, and comfort this colour palette glows with the warmth of the summer sun and the purity, light, and clarity of early dawn.     
Blending colours from golden ochre to pale ecru this is a soft and nurturing neutral palette that is beautifully versatile. From the delicate Pencil Sketch – Sand with its ancient Italian lampas inspired damask pattern, to the luxurious Cashmere Velvet – Topaz crafted from extra-long cashmere fibres each tells a story of nature’s artistry.

Combine textures of shimmering velvets with raw slubby linens and contrast translucent sheers with heavy weight upholsteries to create schemes with a welcoming effortless elegance. Luna Moth – Ivory, made of 100% linen, diffuses light and adds ethereal beauty to blinds and curtains, while Pure 1 – Silk Moth showcases a subtle pattern of intertwining twigs and foliage in an organic linen curtain weight weave. Cavalier - Ale, a sumptuous velvet with sleek metallic radiance, adds opulence to any setting. In contrast, Boardwalk – Panama, a heavy yet tailored linen and wool upholstery cloth with a strié melange effect is robust yet sophisticated. Flint – Oat, is a soft tweedy cloth that blends wool and linen, and speaks of rugged mountain landscapes, while Dahna - Scorched Earth, is a tightly woven linen with an elegant drape, that is perfect for curtains, and captures the shifting shades of the desert. 

      Through this symphony of fabrics, nature’s influence beckons us to embrace the textures and colours of the world around us.